AFL Products Shares Research A Glass Of Wine A Day Can Improve Health

Drinking a glass of wine can have many health benefits and a Harvard School of Public Health study has proven it.

A glass of wine can improve circulation, reduce clotting and help burn fat, once through the 24 hour heightened risk.


Selling Wine Aerators to America is a good fit for the Italian family run company AFL Products. They like to keep up with the health benefits offered by drinking wine because many people in America, and across the world, enjoy drinking wine on a daily basis as well as at occasions. According to Dr Liz Thach ( revenues in 2015 for US Wine Sales sat at $38 billion and the US maintained its position as the largest wine-consuming nation since 2010.

Harvard University have conducted their own research into how wine can affect people and found that although there are some links to the risk of heart attack and stroke, these risks wear off after 24 hours of drinking one or two glasses.

‘After the 24 hours have passed, the moderate alcohol intake can improve blood flow, blood vessels’ lining function and reduce clotting.’

‘Dr Elizabeth Mostofsky, of Harvard University, said: “Just after drinking, blood pressure rises and blood platelets become stickier, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. “However, regularly drinking small amounts of alcohol in the long term appears to both increase levels of HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), the so-called good cholesterol, and reduce blood clots. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.”‘

Experts are still divided over whether alcohol and wine can be called ‘healthy’ as there are also many studies into possible negative affects on the body. The advice is everything in moderation.
AFL Products are dedicated to ensuring their products offer the best of the good things in life and would always advise moderation when consuming anything. They do say that they champion getting the best possible experience. Their Wine Aerator does just that; it improves the taste of wine whatever the price tag by aerating it which introduces air to the wine and improves its taste and body. Doing the job of a traditional wine decanter in seconds.

For the latest reviews of the Aerator head to Amazon.


New Packaging Designed For AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder

When re-ordering Manual Coffee Grinders AFL Products tok the opportunity to re-design the packaging to better inform their customers.

Coffee_Grinder_Packaging_Artwork_02_Illustrator_CC_edited_PNGAFL Products has announced that as they began to run out of their stock of Manual Coffee Grinders, the team met to discuss the opportunities re-stocking would offer the company.

The team concluded that there would be an opportunity to re-design the packaging to better inform customers of their purchase and to allow better presentation when being offered as a gift.

Analysing competitors packaging and discussing tried and tested tips and guides found online and by fellow product sales companies, the team decided the colours, images and information needed an update. Almost a year into selling the Manual Coffee Grinder and the team had learnt a lot about what attracted people to their Coffee Grinder specifically.

Alba Lewis, founder of AFL Products said ‘at each opportunity to discuss possible change and its pros and cons, I encourage the team to put time and energy into this. Without development we won’t continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and keep at the forefront of our competitors on Amazon.’

Feedback and suggestions were given to the companies designer who added recent images, quotes from the Italian Heritage of the company, information on where the product is made and how customers, or receivers of gifts, can keep in touch with AFL Products and up to date on discounts, guides and tips.

An additional insert was also decided upon which thanked and welcomed the customer to their experience using AFL Products.

The new packaging is now live and being sold via Amazon. See the latest reviews on Amazon.

AFL Products’ Latest 5 Star Review Reveals Wine Aerator A Hit

Review from a verified purchase by Amazon customer sings the praises of AFL Products Wine Aerator

Closeup portrait of young female customer drinking red wine with eyes closed

AFL Products announced that they are delighted with the latest five star review for the AFL Products Wine Aerator that has just been posted on Amazon. The announcement was made from the company that is dedicated to providing products that help people live better lives.

The newest time saving product on the wine scene is a red wine aerator that helps to open up wines taste in seconds, ensuring the best taste is achieved at the best price. Decanting wine has been a long tradition that normally occurs in a large decanter that takes a couple of hours to have the same effect as this new aeration product.

The AFL Products Wine Aerator is ready to use as soon as it is removed from the packaging. Simply insert the filter that stops all sediment getting into the glass, and pour the chosen wine through the top into a glass. Hear it gurgle and bubble as air is introduced to enhance the flavour and body. Once the desired amount of wine has been decanted into the glass, stop pouring and enjoy. Replace the aerator to its stand, ready for the next use or wash and return to a drawer or cupboard.

The Wine Aerator received a five star review from a verified Amazon shopper who posted that they have witnessed the rise in popularity of this decanting product and because of this wanted their own at home.
They began by saying, “I have been noticing these pop up at dinner parties and I love that I now have my own. This is the best way to quickly “decant” your wine.” And added “This is one of those products that once you use it, you wonder how you lived without it before.”

AFL Products is committed to offering excellent customer service and developing their products to best suit the needs of their customers. For those who are unsure of how to best use the wine aerator, AFL Products have put together a Wine Tasting Guide to get beginners started.

Mother’s Love New Wine Aerator From AFL Products

Wine Tasting is for Men and Women but aerating wine in seconds suits busy Moms

Wine Tasting

Many people have never tried using a wine aerator and would perhaps wonder what Wine Tasting is all about. However over at they have done some extensive testing and they conclude that indeed using a wine aerator works. And unlike the usual method it works straight away. And they suggest that the table wine tastes a lot better. AFL Products agrees.

Most people have heard that letting wine breath will help the taste, but with so little time in modern day life, the idea of opening a wine and leaving it for an hour or so, is pretty unheard of.

A Wine Aerator fast tracks the wine to get air into it. Whilst a traditional method would take you 1-4 hours, this take seconds.

Alba Lewis, AFL Products Founder, says ‘We picked one of our products to be a wine aerator because we really saw that people don’t let wine breath and we really believed that wine tastes better when it has that chance. The modern technology works and we recommend that people buy one and try it by having a wine tasting round at their home. We offer a no quibble money back guarantee – that’s how confident we are that you will be able to taste the difference.’

AFL Product’s wine aerator is pretty simple to use. Just pour the wine through the top of the wine aerator and as it sucks the air through it will goes straight into the wine glass or decanter, ready to taste immediately.

There is a limited time offer of only $6.99 per Wine Aerator from AFL Products. An option for Mothers day.

For Mom’s Who Love Cycling Outdoors AFL Products Have The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

For Mom’s Who Love Cycling Outdoors AFL Products Have The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

coffee mill and grinder

Looking for a Gift for Mothers Day can be difficult but for the outdoors Mom AFL Products explains why a Manual Coffee Grinder could be the perfect gift

There’s over 500 million cups of coffee drunk every day in the US, Mother’s everywhere must be wondering if their love of coffee will be combined with their gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

AFL Products believes it has the perfect outdoor Manual Coffee Grinder for the Mom that still grabs enough time to get out into nature.

‘Now-a-days, women are juggling a lot of different parts of life, many times including a hobby that keeps them fit and outside. Our manual coffee grinder and Coffee Filter Spoon was developed just for the Mom who is out and about but wants to take her coffee with her. Some times it’s the small pleasures that keep a sense of self alive’ AFL Products Founder, Alba Lewis, goes on to say ‘We think coffee is a great drink that supports good health, is one way to keep the small things important, and a great present for Mom’s who are coffee lovers.’

AFL Products goes on to suggest that for those who are eco-conscious or like their natural beauty products, that the used coffee grind can be used on skin. By mixing the coffee grind with coconut oil it can be used as an effective skin exfoliator. But that’s not all. Adding a bit of water to the ground coffee and putting it on brown hair will create a great shine.

Putting the health benefit, the natural beauty product derivative, and the great taste, AFL Product’s manual coffee grinder and coffee filter may be the ideal present for any mother who loves the outdoors. Only $5 for a limited time only on Amazon

The Perfect Mother’s Day Present For The Coffee Lover

At only $5 the AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder could bring a smile to a Mom’s face this Mother’s Day.


Manual Coffee Grinder

How do you really thank a Mom for all the work she’s done over the years? For just one day a year Mom’s are celebrated for their support of the family. And if they are a coffee lover, AFL Products are offering their Manual Coffee Grinder for the best price ever – $5 (RRP $19.99)

“We think that one of the nicest things to do for our Mom is to make sure we are up earlier than her and make her an espresso coffee. It’s her ritual every morning so we know she loves it. As she’s Italian she has a very specific coffee bean she likes and so she gets the best Italian Coffee Beans money can buy, and a cup of the same. It’s a small thing, but it’s become our ritual.’ Alba Lewis, Founder of AFL Products, explains ‘The best cup of coffee needs three things. Number 1. The best coffee beans. At AFL Products we think these are from small coffee growers who are high up the mountains. Number 2. The best water needs to be used. Not distilled, no chemicals – so that means not from the tap – but bottled spring water 3. the coffee beans ground just before using. If you do this you are going to get the best coffee you can.’

In addition, of course, coffee positive health benefits as Harvard School of Public Health published in their journal Circulation.

‘According to new research, drinking coffee is associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and neurological diseases such as Parkinsons.’

As this study was conducted over three decades, AFL Products believe this is a sound thoughtful present for the Mom in your life that loves coffee.

More information available at

AFL Products Secret Coffee Trick Transforming Gardens

Recycling Used Coffee Grinds from your Manual Coffee Grinder and Have Better Soil with Added Nitrogen and Keep Pests Away


Since launching their Manual Coffee Grinder, AFL Products has been looking for more ways to recycle used coffee grinds and they’ve found another idea that can enhance the soil in gardens. Rather than throwing the morning coffee’s leftover grind into the trash and then into landfill, why not add it to the compost bin. Even the coffee filters can be placed into the compost bins!

Used coffee grind has been proven to have multiple benefits for compost as it can assist in adding nitrogen to the compost; an essential nutrient for plants. It will take a while for the nitrogen to get into in the soil itself though but immediately offers better drainage, water retention and aeration of the soil, which can support healthy growth for many plants and it also attracts earthworms who do their own work to improve the quality of the soil.

Some gardening professionals will highlight that coffee grinds that are used and washed through have a neutral PH level and don’t alter the acidity of the soil. As most plants are adverse to a high acid level in soils, although some have now adapted and prefer it, then there are no worries with used coffee grinds as after being used/washed the acidity drops.

A compost heap is not required to take advantage of recycling coffee grinds because they can simply be added direct to the soil. An effective alternative option to using the grinds as it can keep pesky slugs and snails away from precious plants and some even say keep the cats away!

AFL Products would like to encourage their customers to recycle their used coffee grinds from their Manual Coffee Grinder to better their gardens or even to consider their upcoming beauty recipe to a body scrub using leftover coffee grind.

If anyone is interested in the Manual Coffee Grinder, the product’s latest reviews can be viewed at Amazon
and the Wine Aerator itself can be viewed HERE

AFL Products Shares Research 5 Coffees A Day Improve Heart Health

Can drinking coffee really improve health? AFL Products looks at results of Harvard School of Public Health study.

Miniature business team having a coffee break

Selling Manual Coffee Grinders to America is a good fit for the Italian family run company AFL Products. They like to keep up with the health benefits and beauty opportunities offered by drinking coffee and using coffee grind then sharing it with the coffee lovers out there. Coffee is loved by America and consumed by 54% of people over 18 years old (National Coffee Association)!

The British Heart Foundation in Britain has examined a study carried out by Harvard School of Public Health, led by Ming Ding, published by the science journal Circulation.

‘According to new research, drinking coffee is associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD), type 2 diabetes and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Drinking coffee, researchers claim, may even lower the risk of suicide.’

This study was conducted over 30 years offering solid information to support the claims. The results suggest that drinking between 3-5 cups of coffee a day can reduce those risks, however, it does increase the risk of lung cancer in those who smoke. The benefits go hand in hand with Americans living an otherwise relatively healthy lifestyle and don’t take into consideration the fat levels of the milk used, if any, and the amount of sugar or sweetener added. Both will affect the health of the person dependent on levels of consumption.

In 2015 54% of Americans over the age of 18 who drank coffee, consumed an average of 3.1 cups of coffee per day (9oz cup). This is at the lower level of the suggested 3-5 cups per day that can offer the increased health benefits, suggesting that the average American may want to consider drinking an additional 2 cups per day!

AFL Products were pleased that great tasting coffee and the enjoyment that can bring has now been backed up with positive health benefits. They always suggest using freshly ground coffee beans to avoid any additional toxins or ingredients to the cup which can be ground by their new Manual Coffee Grinder.

Facebook Page For New Wine Aerator With Free Guide

FREE guide for a pizza and wine tasting night to remember from AFL Products to celebrate the launch of their Wine Aerator Facebook Page

Wine-Aerator-Decanter-AFL-Products-3 Red-Wine-Aerator-Decanter-AFL-Products-1


AFL Products announces the launch of a New Facebook Page for fans of their latest product launched in the range; a red wine aerator. After extensive research and testing, AFL Products has decided to branch out from coffee to wine and helping people get more enjoyment out of it.

Wanting the best from any wine, whatever the price tag, is a key priority for everyone. Saving money can be pretty high on that list too but people still want to enjoy good red wine, like the Italians. Traditionally wine would be aerated in a decanter for at least an hour, but the new wine aerator offers the same in seconds.

When asked ‘why now’ for the new Facebook Page Alba Lewis, founder and Italian, said ‘Facebook has long been a great place for people to connect with the products they buy so they can learn more about how they work and how others are enjoying them, and of course to get the free advice and tips. That’s why we are sharing our knowledge and tips with everyone’

Facebook is a platform that offers people the chance to join a community of people interested in similar products, lifestyle choices, hobbies and more. Meeting and talking with other people with similar interests is a great way to further enjoyment and knowledge.

To celebrate, AFL Products is offering a completely Free guide for anyone who wants to enjoy a night in of wine tasting with friends or family.

The AFL Products website offers more guides, tips and money off coupons to those choosing to follow their updates.

Soon AFL Products will be sending out money off coupons for all products in their range, including a Manual Coffee Grinder and Cheese Grater, sold on Amazon.

AFL Products Expands Team With Addition Of Katie, Who Loves Coffee And Wine

Entering 2016 and AFL Products grows to include a new member of the team, Katie Radburn, a marketing and events specialist looking at new angles to sell the range of products already to market. To help people enjoy the simple things in life

Manual Coffee Grinder AFL Products

AFL Products has chosen 2016 as the year to expand their team selling their Manual Coffee Grinder and Wine Aerator to those who enjoy the simple things in life. The team has invited and is proud to introduce Katie Radburn who brings her marketing and events experience to the table.

Katie has years of experience in marketing, events and brand management having worked with a number of businesses and charities to increase income and brand awareness. Just what it seems AFL Products need as they close on a fantastic year of sales and growth in 2015.

Katie’s education and career so far has prepared her for the diverse business of selling products online and more specifically in the domains of PR, Marketing, Social Media and Brand impact. Since completing a degree in Event Management at Thames Valley University she has gone on to work for a number of businesses, and most recently a charity, in business development. On the agenda was to increase income, brand awareness and reputation, develop process and efficiency as well as make the business fit for future.

Most importantly Katie started and developed her own business, an online wedding directory supporting local wedding suppliers get business from engaged couples. The process of creating a website and brand over 5 years has developed skills very well suited to helping AFL Products move onwards and upwards in 2016 and build on their impressive 5* reviews achieved so far.

AFL Products is a family company with Italian influences and heritage from all members of the team. Katie is no exception to this as her Grandmother was from La Spezia in the Liguria region of Italy and moved to Scotland in the 30’s. Quite a few years later and Katie was born, and the rest is recent history.

AFL Products have a small but perfectly formed product range and hope the year ahead will add to their ever growing range of products that encourage the simple but enjoyable things in life.