Free Italian Tiramisu Recipe from AFL Products Using Fresh Ground Coffee


Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that is enjoyed across the world. Its light texture makes it a great choice of dessert after a slightly larger main and provides the sweet kick needed at the end of an evening entertaining.

Most of people’s time can be spent in the kitchen when entertaining friends and family, which makes it a little less enjoyable for the host. A way around this can be to prep starters and desserts ahead of time and keeping them chilled. Starters and desserts can be prepped during the day and simply brought out of refrigeration at time of serving. Saving time and offer more flexibility for those hosting. The AFL Products recipe can even be frozen but must be fully defrosted before serving.

The AFL Products tiramisu recipe is a genuine family recipe handed down the generations of Italians and can be prepared using the AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder and Reusable Coffee Filters.

Part of the reason AFL Products developed these portable manual coffee products was because of the constant feature of coffee in the Italian lifestyle. Alba Lewis, Founder of AFL Products comments that ‘even as a child I would drink espresso alongside the adults in the morning. The smell of coffee brewing or in food brings back those memories and is very comforting and relaxing. I’m pleased to be able to share my families recipe with people’

To get a copy of the recipe, simply head to the AFL Products website.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Manual Coffee Grinder or Reusable Coffee Filter can do so at the Amazon Shop.

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Loose Leaf Tea Considered Healthier Than Tea In a Bag


Tea has long been considered a beverage with healing qualities. Originally a medicinal drink in southwestern China that became popularized over centuries with trade spreading across the world has now developed into the ground tea in bags we know today. Loose-leaf tea was the original way to drink tea and people will even drink or eat the leaves once brewed.

Although black tea is what will be found in the tea bags seen in supermarkets, its green counterpart has long been championed as the healthier version. For example it is said to have at least 7 benefits to health, including metabolism boost, anti-cancer properties, anti-oxidant, anti ageing and anti-allergy, to name but a few.

There is also a huge trend towards herbal teas (infusions of herbs, fruits, spices and other plant material) for their holistic benefits. Herbal tea is also naturally caffeine free.

A tea such as camomile has a calming affect, is anti-bacterial, promotes sleep and helps with Diabetes.

Where as peppermint tea has a refreshing taste and offers better digestion and reduction of flatulence and better digestion.

For Waking up, Chai Tea helps awaken the sleepy and has a spicy aroma to awaken the senses.

A list of some of the health benefits of various flavours can be found on the Teapigs website

It is the suggestion that loose leaf tea actually offers more flavour that led AFL Products to develop a way of preparing better tea, ideally without a tea bag that is made of material that goes straight to landfill. Being able to be kind to the body as well as the environment was the ideal combination for Alba Lewis, Founder of AFL Products

‘As a British-Italian, food and drink are important to my whole family. Tea is a staple of the British lifestyle and I wanted this daily consumption to weigh lightly on my conscience. So we sought out a single serve loose tea filter and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new product’

Loose-leaf tea can offer additional flavour that can sometimes be lost to the ground dusty version that is in most mainstream tea bags.

The AFL Products Reusable Tea Filter is available from Amazon today as a set of 2.

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Luggage Tags Stop Instruments Getting Lost In Transit


Whatever instrument someone plays there will almost always be a guaranteed commute to practice and performances; on public transport, as a group on a coach and on many occasions in a car or van.

Travelling with precious cargo is an insurable activity and one not to be ignored. Whether playing a musical instrument is a hobby and for pleasure only or as a professional full-time job, which many may vouch as being a pleasurable job, keeping an instrument with more than just sentimental value safe is paramount.

Getting the right case to protect it from bumps, knocks and the weather is first priority. However, what about when that case is easily forgotten or put into the wrong vehicle or taken by someone by mistake as their own? There are many occasions that your precious and valuable instrument can go missing which may mean you sit out a performance or it could mean a missed pay-check.

One way to keep an instrument safe during transit is to clearly label with who it belongs to, where it is going or where it should end up if lost. A luggage tag would be just the item for the job.

AFL Products now offer what’s thought to be the strongest, toughest and most durable luggage tag on the market. Ideal for air travel, coach, boat, car and truck trips for your guitar, tuba, flute and drum kit cases!

The stainless steel loop screws tightly around any handle or durable loop on the case.

The bendable and durable rubber tag will withstand almost any rough travel.

Address and name details written in permanent ink on the luggage tag will ensure that no water will rub off the details and no paper will fall out.

The Luggage Tags are available via and have great reviews

Consider the AFL Products Luggage Tags to keep your musical instruments secure on the next tour.

Alba Lewis – Founder and Customer Services Manager

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Vampire Wine Tasting Game for Halloween Parties A Hit


It has been proven that aeration really works to change the taste of red wine. Experts over at have done it, they have tested wine with an aerator and concluded that it does improve the taste and helps save time decanting.

The only way to really test aeration was to use them on a number of wines and have a wine tasting. Which AFL Products have now done, on behalf of their customers of course, and want to share the guide this Halloween for Wine Tasting with friends and family.

Those who have never really taken the time to ‘taste’ wine and appreciate the smells, flavours and signs that other people seem to notice, then they’ve missed a bit of fun. This Halloween, Wine Tasting could be the ideal game to play with adult friends. Vampire Costume non-essential but much enjoyed by everyone else.

The AFL Products guide helps to plan a simple wine tasting with friends where everyone takes the time to recognise the differences with wines.

For Halloween, bottles could be dressed up in their own costume to be called ‘Elixir of Life’ or ‘Vampires Lunch’. Combined with spooky dressing to the glasses and the bottles, the theme will be easily enjoyed for a SPOOKTACULAR evening drinking wine.

AFL Products are offering a free guide on how to conduct a wine tasting to compare the experience of wine tasting with and without a wine aerator.

To receive the free guide and a coupon code for 20% off a Red Wine Aerator, people are asked to visit AFL Products where the guide can be sent directly by email.


Alba Lewis – Founder and Customer Services Manager

AFL Products


5 Creative Halloween Buffet Ideas For A Spooktacular Night


Halloween is a creative time of year with many families decorating inside and outside of the home. Then there are the fancy dress ideas. Facebook is awash with Halloween Ideas to cover just about every part of life through October.

AFL Products have put together a list of creative ideas for the Halloween Buffet. When friends and family come round for Tricks and Treats, its nice to switch it up and try something different.

With many of the ideas, it is a simple everyday recipe with a decorative twist of spiders, cobwebs or jelly worms.


  1. Vampires Elixir (Sangria Punch) – Red Wine can be used to create a fruity deep red drink (to be enjoyed by adults only). Try aerating wine with the AFL Products Red Wine Aerator to ensure the punch tastes as good as possible, as well as looks great when people arrive. A non-alcoholic version could be created with fruit juices and possibly add the liquor afterwards for adults
  1. Cheese Witch Fingers – A grated cheese and dough finger that’s mistaken every year by Halloween revellers as witch fingers. Luckily not attached to a witch anymore, which makes them easier to enjoy. Grated Cheese will be needed for this recipe by Mookychick and AFL Products Bamboo Cheese Grater with container to catch the cheese makes the job less messy by containing the cheese.
  1. Halloween Coffee Stencils – when preparing the late night pick-me up after a long evening of trick or treating, it’s always an extra treat to see a pumpkin drawn into the froth of a cappuccino. Stencils can be bought online pretty cheap and AFL Products would suggest Alternatively a lot can be done using a toothpick and practice. AFL Products suggest making coffee using the Manual Coffee Grinder for freshly ground coffee beans.
  1. ‘We’re going to miss you’ Tiramisu – that last dessert before being sent to hell (or as some people call it, dragged by a little devil or witch down the street trick or treating). An Italian recipe using freshly ground coffee using the AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder and Reusable Coffee Filter. A family recipe from founder of AFL Products Alba Lewis’ Italian Mama.
  1. Halloween Popcorn – any colour of popcorn is possible but orange and black…and healthy is a great option this Halloween. Hungry Happenings have a great recipe that uses healthier air popped corn. AFL Products Microwave Popcorn Maker is perfect for creating healthy popped corn for this recipe. No oil and no butter, just healthy popcorn.

To view any of the AFL Products range simply visit their shop on

For an instant 25% off discount, simply sign up to AFL Products mailing list on their website

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Celebrate Halloween With 25% Discount Off Full AFL Products range


Celebrating Halloween every year can make decorating the house and buffet planning a little samey. New ideas and recipes are key to staying interested in entertaining and tricking the neighbours, friends and family.

AFL products are a family run business that enjoys family gatherings and any reason to get together to make memories. Alba Lewis, AFL Products founder, says ‘when growing up, the family came together to celebrate everything; the opening of a new bag of coffee beans, one of the kids school reports, a new second hand car, the recently decorated living room. When there’s a room full of friends and family, the coffee and red wine is flowing and laughter and chatter is in the air. This is what we want for our customers’

Halloween is celebrated across America with small and large parties. AFL Products suggest adding a blind folded wine tasting to the games, fresh coffee and even a tiramisu dessert to the menu.

When attending a Halloween party it is expected to attend with a hosting gift. Hosting gifts can take many forms but AFL Products suggest using their seasonal 25% discount off their full range, which includes a Manual Coffee Grinder, Reusable Coffee Filters, Cheese Grater, Red Wine Aerator, Popcorn Maker and Luggage Tags for a suitcase.

The discount is available to customers and the promotional code is sent instantly to your inbox when you sign up on the AFL Products website.

Browse the AFL Products shop on amazon to read reviews and specifications of each product.

Alba Lewis – Founder and Customer Services Manager
AFL Products

AFL Products Shares Research A Glass Of Wine A Day Can Improve Health

Drinking a glass of wine can have many health benefits and a Harvard School of Public Health study has proven it.

A glass of wine can improve circulation, reduce clotting and help burn fat, once through the 24 hour heightened risk.


Selling Wine Aerators to America is a good fit for the Italian family run company AFL Products. They like to keep up with the health benefits offered by drinking wine because many people in America, and across the world, enjoy drinking wine on a daily basis as well as at occasions. According to Dr Liz Thach ( revenues in 2015 for US Wine Sales sat at $38 billion and the US maintained its position as the largest wine-consuming nation since 2010.

Harvard University have conducted their own research into how wine can affect people and found that although there are some links to the risk of heart attack and stroke, these risks wear off after 24 hours of drinking one or two glasses.

‘After the 24 hours have passed, the moderate alcohol intake can improve blood flow, blood vessels’ lining function and reduce clotting.’

‘Dr Elizabeth Mostofsky, of Harvard University, said: “Just after drinking, blood pressure rises and blood platelets become stickier, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. “However, regularly drinking small amounts of alcohol in the long term appears to both increase levels of HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), the so-called good cholesterol, and reduce blood clots. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.”‘

Experts are still divided over whether alcohol and wine can be called ‘healthy’ as there are also many studies into possible negative affects on the body. The advice is everything in moderation.
AFL Products are dedicated to ensuring their products offer the best of the good things in life and would always advise moderation when consuming anything. They do say that they champion getting the best possible experience. Their Wine Aerator does just that; it improves the taste of wine whatever the price tag by aerating it which introduces air to the wine and improves its taste and body. Doing the job of a traditional wine decanter in seconds.

For the latest reviews of the Aerator head to Amazon.


New Packaging Designed For AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder

When re-ordering Manual Coffee Grinders AFL Products tok the opportunity to re-design the packaging to better inform their customers.

Coffee_Grinder_Packaging_Artwork_02_Illustrator_CC_edited_PNGAFL Products has announced that as they began to run out of their stock of Manual Coffee Grinders, the team met to discuss the opportunities re-stocking would offer the company.

The team concluded that there would be an opportunity to re-design the packaging to better inform customers of their purchase and to allow better presentation when being offered as a gift.

Analysing competitors packaging and discussing tried and tested tips and guides found online and by fellow product sales companies, the team decided the colours, images and information needed an update. Almost a year into selling the Manual Coffee Grinder and the team had learnt a lot about what attracted people to their Coffee Grinder specifically.

Alba Lewis, founder of AFL Products said ‘at each opportunity to discuss possible change and its pros and cons, I encourage the team to put time and energy into this. Without development we won’t continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and keep at the forefront of our competitors on Amazon.’

Feedback and suggestions were given to the companies designer who added recent images, quotes from the Italian Heritage of the company, information on where the product is made and how customers, or receivers of gifts, can keep in touch with AFL Products and up to date on discounts, guides and tips.

An additional insert was also decided upon which thanked and welcomed the customer to their experience using AFL Products.

The new packaging is now live and being sold via Amazon. See the latest reviews on Amazon.

AFL Products’ Latest 5 Star Review Reveals Wine Aerator A Hit

Review from a verified purchase by Amazon customer sings the praises of AFL Products Wine Aerator

Closeup portrait of young female customer drinking red wine with eyes closed

AFL Products announced that they are delighted with the latest five star review for the AFL Products Wine Aerator that has just been posted on Amazon. The announcement was made from the company that is dedicated to providing products that help people live better lives.

The newest time saving product on the wine scene is a red wine aerator that helps to open up wines taste in seconds, ensuring the best taste is achieved at the best price. Decanting wine has been a long tradition that normally occurs in a large decanter that takes a couple of hours to have the same effect as this new aeration product.

The AFL Products Wine Aerator is ready to use as soon as it is removed from the packaging. Simply insert the filter that stops all sediment getting into the glass, and pour the chosen wine through the top into a glass. Hear it gurgle and bubble as air is introduced to enhance the flavour and body. Once the desired amount of wine has been decanted into the glass, stop pouring and enjoy. Replace the aerator to its stand, ready for the next use or wash and return to a drawer or cupboard.

The Wine Aerator received a five star review from a verified Amazon shopper who posted that they have witnessed the rise in popularity of this decanting product and because of this wanted their own at home.
They began by saying, “I have been noticing these pop up at dinner parties and I love that I now have my own. This is the best way to quickly “decant” your wine.” And added “This is one of those products that once you use it, you wonder how you lived without it before.”

AFL Products is committed to offering excellent customer service and developing their products to best suit the needs of their customers. For those who are unsure of how to best use the wine aerator, AFL Products have put together a Wine Tasting Guide to get beginners started.

Mother’s Love New Wine Aerator From AFL Products

Wine Tasting is for Men and Women but aerating wine in seconds suits busy Moms

Wine Tasting

Many people have never tried using a wine aerator and would perhaps wonder what Wine Tasting is all about. However over at they have done some extensive testing and they conclude that indeed using a wine aerator works. And unlike the usual method it works straight away. And they suggest that the table wine tastes a lot better. AFL Products agrees.

Most people have heard that letting wine breath will help the taste, but with so little time in modern day life, the idea of opening a wine and leaving it for an hour or so, is pretty unheard of.

A Wine Aerator fast tracks the wine to get air into it. Whilst a traditional method would take you 1-4 hours, this take seconds.

Alba Lewis, AFL Products Founder, says ‘We picked one of our products to be a wine aerator because we really saw that people don’t let wine breath and we really believed that wine tastes better when it has that chance. The modern technology works and we recommend that people buy one and try it by having a wine tasting round at their home. We offer a no quibble money back guarantee – that’s how confident we are that you will be able to taste the difference.’

AFL Product’s wine aerator is pretty simple to use. Just pour the wine through the top of the wine aerator and as it sucks the air through it will goes straight into the wine glass or decanter, ready to taste immediately.

There is a limited time offer of only $6.99 per Wine Aerator from AFL Products. An option for Mothers day.